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The purpose of my:


labour is not to pay another's mortgage

ambition is not to slake your usury

blood is not to be sacrificed for America

invention is not to facilitate the killing of non english speakers

compassion is not to fertilise your lies

decision is not to comply with your dogma

We live in an unfair country, where exploitation has become a part of the culture; a country that is itself within a world of problems. How fair is our society when so many people have been dispossessed of the fundamental human right to land and housing? And why is this happening in a country with massive wealth, land and resources? The same people who deny us cheap housing are also the ones who lead us into endless war, consumption and disparity. A new voice is needed. A voice guided by independent societal analysis, indefatigable conviction and compassion that is independent of identity. A voice that is not pre-empted by the topic-of-the-month whims and hidden agendas of the mainstream media and their political co-dependents.


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waiting is choosing to be a victim
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The sleep of reason produces monsters

When it comes to cheaper housing, the three mainstream political parties are not going to help us. They have had years to analyse the problem, to act, or to champion powerful housing policies. To this day, none of them, despite their displays, even want house prices to fall in high housing stress areas. This is without rationality and is morally obscene.


Astonishingly, despite the severity of the problem a left new left wing party has not emerged – instead we are regaled with choices of right wing, centrist and conservative groups. Guaranteeting cheap housing across society has been a mainstay of socialism, Tasmanians (and all Australians) of all ages and occupations need and deserve, as human beings, housing that is cheaper than it currently is.


Dispossessed, which is a provisionally titled new political party, aims to provide a new voting choice for those with leftist views, views that are not being upheld by the Labor party or the Greens.


Dispossessed is a party for those that have developed an understanding that no one from the political establishment is going to help us, that no one in government is going to do what needs to be done, and that no one in opposition is going to say what needs to be said. If there is no support for Dispossessed's broader policies, such as cheaper housing, disconnecting from the US/NATO war machine, an end do the 'war on drugs', and a non-partisan approach to energy - then at least no one will have died wondering.


The parties we once referred to as ‘left’ are now corrupted, they uphold neoliberal positions on both domestic and foreign policy matters. They pander to identity politics, they’re caught up in the minutiae of race, gender and religion, their objectives are defined by political correctness and market acceptance, and those that defend these parties have to resort to "at least they're not the libs" as a defence. These parties, namely Labor and the Greens, are now a part of the problem. Worse than the right wing regimes of the liberal party, is the betrayal by those on, ostensibly, the left of establishment politics. The opposition needs an opposition.


The thoroughly degraded state of Labor and the Greens is illustrated, at both the state and federal level, in the Hall of shame.


Dispossessed won’t be for everyone. The problems faced by society do not reduce to a single issue. We will not only address the housing problem that the other parties have failed to, we will address foreign policy failures too. We won't be compliant when Australian forces abroad slaughter and destroy, at the command of the USA, without legality or justification. There is too much violence in the world, with Australia often involved, for us not to speak out on this.


Sadly, where there used to be objection to bombing and regime change, now there is widespread compliance and support, with even the Greens in federal parliament supporting the horrendous NATO bombing campaign and regime change in Libya. Libya was once one of the most prosperous countries in Africa, but is now an open slave market, a departure point for deathly sea crossings, and a security nightmare that is regularly bombed by multiple nations.


Dispossessed will not be afraid to call for unpopular measures like reduced immigration (but not refugee intake), or to make unpopular statements, such as criticism of the ADF when they break international law and follow the US into immoral, destabilising campaigns. We will judge energy solutions, like pumped hydro, on their merits, not on hyperbole, fanfare or prejudice. We will offer new ideas on energy, transport, education and so on to make Tasmania a place with less exploitation, more diverse opportunities, more fairness and a higher quality of life.

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A coven of real estate investors