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About Dispossessed


Dispossessed is a new left wing political party founded by George Lane, a scientist from Tasmania. Dispossessed aims to fill the left wing void in Tasmanian state and federal politics, and give leftist voters a real voting option. The aim is to register as a political party in Tasmania, to contest state and federal elections, and possibly local council elections too.


Dispossessed is differentiated from the Australian Labor party by the following major points:


  • Disposessed has made it an objective to drive house (and rent) prices down in high stress areas, by the introduction of heavy regulations. Labor merely wants them to climb "more slowly". Both Rebecca White and Bill Shorten have spoken favourably of increasing house prices. Labor's failure to make falling house prices an objective means they are fundamentally incapable of providing a solution.
  • Dispossessed recognises that mass society level exploitation has (largely) shifted from the workplace and into the housing sector, Labor's weakness on housing shows they don't understand this.
  • Dispossessed wants an Australian disconnect from the US war machine (Labor has no objection to the US presence at Pine Gap, US marines in Darwin, bombing Syria, or the never ending demonisation of Russia). Labor also  supports the liberals' call for the creation of a massive Australian military exports industry, without thought for the human consequences.
  • Dispossessed wants a major cut to national immigration (but not refugee intake, which may even be increased). Labor does not.
  • Dispossessed wants the counterproductive 'war on drugs' to end (there were 1452 cannabis arrests in Tasmania in one year alone [2015-2016]), and supports legalisation of use and possession of drugs, and complete legalisation of cannabis. Labor does not.
  • Dispossessed does not support the state of Israel, with its periodic aggressions against its neighbours (Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon for example), and its abuse, murder and land theft of Palestinians. Labor's lack of criticism of Israel is conspicuous.
  • Dispossessed supports pumped hydro as a major, even defining, part of Australia's energy future, and won't fail to champion it simply because some people falsely associate it with the liberals.
  • Dispossessed believes Australia should be far more energetic in helping Julian Assange escape his years long plight in the UK. Labor does not seem to think Mr Assange should be given anything but standard consular assistance.
  • Dispossessed does not support 'free trade' when one country abuses its workers and environment and the other doesn't, nor does Dispossessed support the free movement of labour, or market based solutions to societal problems. Labor has taken a neoliberal position in generally supporting free trade (as championed by Paul Keating), importation of labor and a market driven approach to climate change. Labor recently supported a free trade agreement with China, in 2015, while in opposition.
  • Dispossessed believes state control of the energy sector is vital, whereas Tasmanian Labor has abrogated the development of new generation to private enterprise.


Dispossessed is differentiated from the Greens by the following major points:


  • Disposessed wants house prices to fall in high stress areas (the Tasmanain Greens, like Labor, merely want them to stop 'skyrocketing').
  • Dispossessed does not support bombing and regime change, based on deceit, malice and advancing selfish western interests. The Greens in the federal parliament, as a crescendo to their degeneration, supported the horrific NATO bombing and regime change in Libya.
  • Dispossessed does not dogmatically oppose all native forestry in Tasmania (the Greens do), and has room for a range of views, but not for fanatics.
  • Dispossessed supports pumped hydro, and understands the potential benefits of a second Bass Strait interconnector. The Greens have dismissed both of these in the past.
  • The Greens support an energy subsidies for electric cars, that helps the relatively wealthy, whereas Dispossessed will promote inventives that help the poorer members of society.
  • Dispossessed recognises that tourism consumes precious resources (for zero production), that tourism jobs are often unreliable and unfulfilling, and that the interests of tourists shouldn't eclipse those of locals. The Greens, with their endles push for 'eco-tourism', are stuck in an ouroboros of cognitive dissonance, and are without the faculties of rationality needed to find release.




About George Lane


George Lane ran for the senate in 2016 as an independent, promoting measures to address the housing crisis, at a time when most commentators were saying it wasn't an issue for Tasmania. This was before the showgrounds exploded into being the public face of the problem (which has been growing for years), before criticising air bnb became popular, and before Labor and the Greens composed their last minute, unsatisfactory, housing policies at the 2018 state election.


During the election George pointed out a series of major unanswered questions, mostly of a technical nature, about Australia's $50B upcoming shortfin barracuda submarine program - this was done before the national newspaper ads were put out by Dick Smith and other businessmen, and before defence analyst Hugh White also deeply questioned the project at the National Press Club.


George warned that bombing Syria, without the permission of cooperation of the Syrian government, would lead to disastrous targetting that would kill the wrong people. In September 2016 this tragically turned out to be correct when Australian planes participated in a major, sustained attack that killed approximately 100 Syrian soldiers who had been heroically defending the city of Deir Ezzor, against the odds, from ISIS. This attack handed ISIS one of their biggest battlefield victories of the entire war.


George has previously given financial support to Greenpeace and Wikileaks.