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To register as a party in Tasmania requires 100 official members. Until this is reached, formal political party status remains provisional. If you like what you see on this website, it would be wonderful if you emailed us via the contacts page.



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It's not essential that agreement be reached on every minor point and detail, but there should be agreement on a number of major areas, that generally fall within what could be labeled socialism with a libertarian slant. The major policy points that people should agree on include:


  • Support the aim of literally LOWERING house prices in high-stress areas (such as Greater Hobart).

    • This includes generally supporting a suite of measures including taxing investors out of the existing-home market (via MASSIVE stamp duty increases for investors, for example), support the CAPPING of rents and be open to forced rental deflation, supporting the BANNING of letting of entire homes on air bnb and similar sites, support the removal of REGULATIONS for owner builders (including tiny homes) and caravans, LOWER immigration and so on. There can be disagreement on some particular policies within this area, but the aim of guaranteeing Tasmanians with housing at prices substantially CHEAPER than they are currently should stand.


  • Support a disconnect from the US/NATO death machine.

    • You should be of the opinion that the wars on Iraq and Libya were wrong, and that Australia's bombing of Syria was also wrong. You should not be a supporter of Israeli aggression.


  • Support a generally liberal approach to people's personal lives.

    • Support legalisation of drug possession, for example. But, not a liberal allowance of the exploitation of others (high rents, predatory investment, high interest, usury etc). Remove ridiculous obstructions to living in caravans or carrying out basic building work.


  • Support state control of energy, resources and ports.

    • No more sales of wharves, forests or generators to the private market. No more abrogation to the private sector of improving energy generation in Tasmania.


  • Not blindly support free trade, human and labor movement.

    • And not have faith in the free market as a basis for solutions.


  • Recognise that more production, more consumerism, more weapons and more population are not going to allow the human race to solve its problems.

    • Those who promote endlessly growing production, and ever increasing population, at the same time as they profess to have concern about the global environment are charlatans of the highest order.


  • Support strong state funding of health and education, AND reform to both areas as needed to improve efficiency and improve outcomes.

    • While major funding upgrades to health have bi-partisan support already, there needs to be more focus on reforming the health sector (training more experts, more preventative health, and reducing costs). Education can also be improved through new reforms, such as curriculum changes.