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In the public interest

Guy Barnett (Liberal)

Guy Barnett pushes more right wing conspiracy theories and wants to invade Iraq.

"Iraq has weapons of mass destruction" - 20th of March 2003

Bill Shorten (Labor)

Bill Shorten wants house prices to keep increasing despite them already being too expensive

"..grow more slowly" - Federal election campaign 2016

Rebecca White (Labor)

In thie midst of the housing crisis, Rebecca White speaks favourably of house prices increasing from $350 000 to $650 000.

"..from mid 300s to mid 600 thousand dollars" - 23rd of October 2017

Adam Bandt (Greens)

One of the biggest protests of the 'Arab spring' was a pro government protest in Tripoli. Sadly, federal Greens member and war monger Adam Bandt wanted bombing and regime change for Libya. The resultant mass death and suffering continues to this day.

"The Libyan rebels are calling for it, the Arab League supports it and the international community needs to get on with it.."


"A no-fly zone would enable the Libyan people to have a fighting chance of ending the Gaddafi dictatorship." - 16th of March 2011 (reported in The Australian)

Brian Mitchell (Labor)

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Brian Mitchell thinks selling weapons to Saudi Arabia is legit, so long as you don't smile when doing so.

Cassy O'Connor (Greens)

gallery/assange is a creep

Tasmanian Greens leader shares her views on Julian Assange

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Cassy O'Connor (Greens)

"What we don't want is prices to keep skyrocketing" - 18th of December 2017 (Twitter)

In response to a question about the idea of house prices coming down, the Tasmanian Greens leader refuses to endorse falling house prices, commits only to avoid 'skyrocketing'.

Nick McKim (Greens)

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Nick McKim refused to release documents after admitting people wanted to see them. After ultimately being forced to release the docs by parliament, it was proven that McKim sat illegitimately as a senator in his first term.

Nick McKim attempted mass school closure apology video coming soon!!!

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Bill Shorten (Labor)

gallery/shorten netanyahu

The Labor leader follows on from  Gillard to enjoy a moment with Bibi.

Tasmanian Labor

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Tasmanian Labor's official short stay (air bnb etc) policy document fails to list protecting the rental market as a core objective. Rather, it concerns itself with business and tourism.


The document goes on to play down the effect of short stay accommodation on the rental market.

Justine Keay (Labor)

The Liberal Party

In March 2003 the 'coalition of the willing' invaded Iraq. Australian forces, sent in by the Liberal party, were by some reports the first troops on the ground.


The opening phase of the invasion was so horrific that Australian and other invaders slaughtered the people of Iraq at a similar or superior rate to which the Germans slaughtered Jews during the opening phase of the final solution in March 1942 at the Belzec death camp. While many Germans responsible for both the Jewish holocaust and the invasion of Poland faced trial, not a single member of the Liberal party or the ADF has done so for the invasion of Iraq and the barbarisms that occurred there.


Voting for the Liberal party after the Iraqi Holocaust, for which they are utterly unapologetic, is like voting for the Nazi party after the invasion of Poland.


The ADF would go on to effectively carpet bomb the city of Mosul in Iraq, a city whos inhabitants would not benefit from the ceasefires, diplomatic overtures and humanitarian corridors that were brought to bear in Syria's Aleppo. Months later the inhabitants of Mosul were still pulling bodies, totalling thousands, from the rubble. A fact barely even covered in the Australian media. The ADF to this day, 2000+ bombs in, has not admitted a single civilian death from the bombs they dropped in this recent campaign, which were particularly large bombs at 250 or 1000 kg each.


Unsatisfied with sowing death and chaos in Iraq, the Liberal party would go on to send the RAAF to bomb Syria with reckless abandon. The RAAF systematically helped slaughter dozens of Syrian soldiers, and gave ISIS their biggest battlefield victory in Deir Ezzor province. No RAAF member or Liberal party member has faced prosecution for this crime, which the Australian public remain largely unaware of.

Lisa Singh (Labor)


Justine Keay pushes for the militarisation of science and engineering in Tasmania and Australia, increasing arms exports, and celebrates collaboration with Elbit (Israel).

"It certainly put Tasmania and my region on the defence manufacturing map" - referring to collaboration between Elbit (Israel) and Elphingstone - 26th of March 2018.

"..Australian and other invaders willfully slaughtered the people of Iraq at a similar or superior rate to which the Germans slaughtered Jews during the opening phase of the final solution in March 1942 at the Belzec death camp"

Senator Lisa Singh thinks POTUS is the leader of the free world. Note, this comment from her was not sarcasm.

"...the President of the US, the leader of the free world..." - Lisa Singh on ABC's QandA program.